New Year's Project

For the past few years, I have been helping kids through No Kid Hungry. This year, I decided that it was time to take Fed by Love to the next level. In an effort to evolve this business, I decided to devote this year's profits to a direct effort towards poverty in Detroit. I am working to help kids and families more directly through an initiative I started called the “New Year’s Project.” With all the focus on providing kids in need with food and gifts during the holidays, it seemed as if those needs were forgotten in the New Year. No Kid Hungry is a great way to donate money and reach a wide range of people in need with your donation. My goal, when starting Fed By Love, was to directly benefit those in need. 
I am proud to say that this initiative allowed me to raise over $11,000. I am extremely grateful to those who supported this amazing cause and made this possible. 
I have decided to donate these profits to The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Detroit. I am working with CEO, Mr. Dan Malone to allocate these funds in ways most effective to help the Society and its efforts.
Thank you again to everyone who has contributed and supported this cause. 
Fed By Love would not be possible without you.
Eat a cupcake, feed a kid. 
Thank you for helping me feed our future.