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Katie Levine

Birmingham, Michigan

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always homemade, original recipe cupcakes


(sold by the dozen)

great-grandma lulu's chocolate

o original vanilla


katie's orange vanilla bean

sweet coconut cream cheese

$34 per dozen      

$36  per dozen     


(sold by the dozen)

$20  per dozen      

$22  per dozen     

Great-Grandma Lulu's


a chocolate cake recipe so good it has been lovingly handed down for 4 generations, with a whipped chocolate ganache. yep, it's that special!



Want more chocolate? Chocolate ganache filling 

can be added upon request.



an amazing vanilla cupcake made with pure vanilla & vanilla bean, vanilla buttercream frosting, and a hint of lemon zest for an elegant update on a classic. simple and tasty!


Katie's original Orange Vanilla


the cupcake that started it all. An original vanilla bean cupcake with a hint of fresh orange flavor topped with

vanilla buttercream frosting and a homemade candied orange slice. even the chocoholics in my life beg for this cupcake!



a simple almond-coconut cake,

with a vanilla coconut cream cheese frosting

rolled in fresh coconut. yummy!